Student Benevolent Fund

Student Benevolent Fund image

Sometimes life hits hard, and challenges arise without notice.

When these times come to our students, many of whom are living on a dime, the blow can be heavy. With the help of the Student Benevolence Fund, DIU can respond to help students who encounter unexpected financial hardships, such as job loss, car repairs, or help covering that last bit of rent for the month. Your gifts, no matter the amount, make a direct impact in the lives of students preparing for cross-cultural service.

Here's one story of how this fund has made a difference:

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns, my husband lost his job. The money he was making was paying for us to live while I took the classes I need for training to go overseas. He couldn't find a job anywhere else, and we were incredibly discouraged about this. We knew that God would provide, but didn't know how or when. Soon after this, we were told that the school had a benevolence fund to help with unexpected expenses, and would pay for our rent for the month. This was our answer to prayer, and not only provided for our physical needs, but also reminded us that God had not forgotten and was taking care of us.