Trinity South Arts Series

Trinity South Arts Series image

Bringing a rich array of arts and artists to communities south of the Trinity River

The vision for the Trinity South Arts Series was born out of conversations focused on the need for quality arts performances and exhibitions south of the Trinity River, a region historically underserved for arts programming. Dallas International University (DIU) agreed to provide an institutional home for the series, as part of the community outreach of its Center for Excellence in World Arts, and the International Linguistics Center—the campus where DIU is located—offered their newly-renovated Event Center as a venue for the series.

Guided by an advisory committee representing partnering organizations and including community leaders, the Trinity South Arts Series will provide artistic performances and exhibitions free of charge to area audiences, funded by sponsors and donors committed to this vision. Energized by an appreciation of our Creator as the source of all beauty, these events will display excellence of artistic expression and reflect the rich ethnic diversity to be found in all our communities.