Developing leaders in cross-cultural service

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"All my life I've been a senior leader."

"I believe in developing and supporting leaders, and I see that happening with the DIU Student Body Association Presidency."

This award will provide a small gift of recognition and thanks to students serving as SBA President. As a life-long leaders, Dr. Tiffin and his wife, MarySue, desire that future leaders at DIU be cultivated and recognized as Kingdom-builders. "It has been my experience that the SBA President is a leader. They have led - and they do lead - not just in activities, but also in setting the tone for what goes on at the campus...They do it because they love the Lord and their fellow students and because they are natural leaders. I want to recognize that and appreciate that."

"The SBA Presidency gave me a place to belong here at DIU. It also allowed me the opportunity to use my gifts in event-planning and community-building for campus traditions that still exist years later. All of these things foster the connection between students and the rest of the DIU community, building relationships that outlast our tenure here. I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to serve as a student leader here at DIU through the Student Body Association." -M, former SBA President

"Being the Student Body President has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. I have learned a lot about planning big events, and I have also been challenged to grow in humility. I put in a lot of effort, with benefits often going to others rather than myself...I have also had the privilege of being prayer partners with DIU President Doug Tiffin during my time as SBA President. Getting to share each other's burdens, pray together, and receive advice from a seasoned leader has helped me make the most of this season." -T, former SBA President

"I really enjoyed my time as the SBA President at DIU. I think about the SBA President as being an intermediary between several groups of people. Just as someone who is working cross-culturally, the SBA President represents the students to the administration and the administration to the student. I have also enjoyed incorporating my insights into our SBA activities. It is cool to see things you started before become traditions carried on by those who have come since...My time at DIU let me put into practice what I had previously only just thought about in passing. I think you can learn a little about leadership by reading about it, but you can generally only become a good leader by practicing being a leader." -J, former SBA President

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